Yes. While Wing does a very careful job to ensure we hire top quality talent, we also believe that management is key to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients. Your assistant isn't a fresh grad who is just figuring things out on their own, they're supported by a purpose-built management structure. 

Wing operates a highly standardized & process-driven management structure across all of our global operations as well as modes of work, which operates like this, in ascending order of rank:

  • Assistants 

Assistants are the ones who are dedicated to you, and work on your account in a full-time capacity. Assistants are overseen by Team Captains, Supervisors, and in the early days, Training Managers, in later days, Quality Control. We covered the way Assistants are hired in another article, titled "How do you hire assistants?"

  • Team Captains

Team Captains are assistants themselves, but may study for & take a test that enables them to begin Team Captain training, which if passed, enables them to become a Captain. Assistants only become eligible to take the Captain test after spending at least 6 months at Wing. Captains oversee a small group of assistants, check-in on work quality, ensure Assistants are following process, and lend support when needed. Team Captains are given special tools to monitor work product, promises made, deadlines, and instances of delayed replying on the client accounts they oversee. 

  • Supervisors

Supervisors are former assistants who were once Team Captains, and have shown excellence & dedication at their jobs, as well as in managing their Assistants. Team Captains must demonstrate this over a minimum period of 6 months at Wing, if they started as an Assistant, they have been at Wing for at least 1 year. Once selected, they may study for & take a test that qualifies them for Supervisor training. Supervisors oversee smooth operations on multiple client accounts, ensuring that promises made to customers are kept, reply times are on track, and that work is being completed in a timely manner, and to a high level of quality. Supervisors are given special tools to monitor all work product, promises made, deadlines, and instances of delayed replying on the client accounts they oversee.

  • Training Managers

Wing employs Training Managers to help Assistants get familiar with new clients. Training Managers are the most experienced members of our team at Wing, they have risen from the Assistant rank, to Captain, to Supervisor, and have been selected from our pool of Supervisors to take on training & testing that enables them to become a Training Manager. Training Managers will work closely with an Assistant for 7-14 days after the Assistant has been assigned a new client, ensuring the Assistant is able to pick up the client's processes, and get to a point of stability & satisfaction. 

  • Quality Control Managers

Wing leverages artificial intelligence & natural language understanding techniques to track client satisfaction, and maintains internal metrics for client satisfaction that are actively tracked by Quality Control managers. QC Managers are responsible for tracking these metrics, flagging instances of declining client satisfaction to Supervisors to rectify immediately. Supervisors & the Assistant's Team Captain then work together to ensure the quality issue is resolved, keeping the client's Account Manager in the loop. 

  • Head of Supervisors

Supervisors have their performance monitored by a Head of Supervisors, whose job it is to evaluate the Supervisors' effectiveness, and make organizational process/personnel changes as necessary. 

  • Account Managers

Account Managers, as discussed in another article, titled "What are Account Managers (AMs)?", are people we assign to be your points of contact at Wing. They are kept in the loop of all the happenings of your account, and will do their best to keep both you, and the Assistant teams informed of everything going on, and will pull levers to ensure a high quality experience is maintained. While Account Managers sit outside the Assistant Operations hierarchy, they have a rank equivalent to "Head of Supervisors", discussed above.

  • Country Managers & HR Directors

As Wing maintains a global presence, we have Country Managers & HR Directors who oversee all staff, operations, incentives, cultural differences, and organizational policies and hiring & human resource management in a particular region. 

  • Head of Assistant Operations

All facets of Wing's Assistant Operations are overseen and manage by our Head of Assistant Operations, who reports to our company's Chief Operations Officer. Our Head of Assistant Operations conducts weekly reviews into the state of our operations, in particular, what tracked data & metrics suggests needs to change, trends derived from frequent anecdotes over the week that suggest change is required, and executes changes or additions to processes, expansion of Assistant Operations, and runs quality experiments. 

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