Positive, supportive, happy, and one of accountability!

We believe that we do our best work when we feel: happy, recognized, supported, camaraderie, and fairly compensated. We do our best to keep that culture alive internally. 

We're breaking the corporate veil here a bit, but why not! Our internal Slack channels look like rainbows of emojis, games, GIFs - because our assistants genuinely have fun working at Wing. Assistants host a weekly Zoom party where they get to know one another, share fun stories, and generally have fun.

In addition to the generally positive culture we set at Wing, we also offer a wide variety of incentives to our assistants depending on the office location & client requirements

  • Higher pay than competing jobs
  • Incentives for happy clients 
  • Incentives for professional development
  • Incentives for technology credit to upgrade their workstation
  • Allowances for daily travel to office
  • Several opportunities for professional growth 
  • Mentorship programs
  • Premium memberships to local services
  • Internal discounts & offers directory
  • Flexible working arrangements depending on clients
  • Flexible working hours depending on clients
  • Paid time off & a variety of leave programs for various personal needs
  • Salary advances for various personal needs
  • Occasional catered lunches & free beer & seltzer/soda on Fridays
  • Free coffee, tea, water, snacks
  • Vibrant community!

We have a thriving community too, where our assistants help & support each other with tips & tutorials, co-work on difficult tasks, crowd-source ideas & opinions, and more. 

Finally, because Wing believes in dedicated assistance versus shared assistance, our Assistants build a bond with their clients, and feel as though they're part of the client's team. While our internal policies try to discourage staying for longer than the client's support window, you'll often see your assistant work past their daily clock-out time - that's because they genuinely care about helping you succeed.