Wing's Account Management (AM) program was set up to help our clients get the most out of Wing, and help them through their journey of starting up with, setting up, training, and using Wing. We take great pride in our customer support & success areas, and do our best to ensure we go above and beyond to resolve issues, and reply in a more than timely manner. Hopefully, you've already seen that in action via our assistants & sales channels!

You will be introduced to your dedicated Account Manager once your account has been provisioned. They'll do their best to learn about your business, and get your assistants set up & trained. Whenever you have an issue, you'd like to add a new service, or you'd like to make a change to your assistant team, your account manager can help you. Think of them as your point of contact for everything Wing. 

Our Account Management program has had some great successes: from clients forming deep friendships with our AMs - some even relying on our AMs for general advice, to our AMs winning awards for their level of dedication! We're constantly working to improve our AM program, so if you have any advice or feedback - let them know!