Short Answer: 

For services that Wing can handle internally, no. 

For specialized/complex work that Wing gets your permission to outsource, yes!

For real-life services, yes! 

Detailed answer:

Wing is a generalist, our job is primarily to accomplish work as your dedicated assistant, and leverage our strong partnership network to find service providers, as well as to take the most off of your plate as possible. You can think of the subscription fee like Wing's salary.

Much like a real assistant, if you ask us to order you lunch from across town - we'll order it for you using a food delivery service. Or, if you ask for a plumber - we'll find and book you one. If you ask us to get a website made, we'll find a great web designer in our network. 

However: We'll always ask you to approve or cancel before any payments are made, unless instructed otherwise by you.

Unless you instruct us to do otherwise, whenever there's a purchase or payment to be made, we will ask you. In the majority of cases, Wing will handle tasks internally and therefore, there will be no additional fees. There are some instances where that is not the case, e.g. with specialized or complex services, some of those tasks are further described in our article titled "What can't Wing do?"