Wing does anything legal & possible, though there are a few things we don't or try not to do, or only do with explicit legal permission & indemnification

For things we don't do for legal & ethical reasons, please refer to our Zero Tolerance Policy section. 

There are some other limitations on Wing's services, here is that list:

  • Tasks that take our human operators more than 30 mins
    • We technically can do these things, however, they are not included in the product's subscription fee, unless otherwise stated in the selected subscription. For example, if we anticipate a task taking 3 hours, we will quote you the price for 2.5 hours of labor and inclusive taxes & fees before proceeding. This price can vary depending on whether we fulfill the task internally, or use a third-party research firm. Typically, you can expect a billing rate of about $10/hr, in 15-minute increments. You can learn more about this here.
    • Regarding ongoing tasks: for example, managing your inbox, managing your SMS messages, managing your phone line - things that require our team to work round the clock. We do not currently offer these types of services - but we are working on it. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

  • Tasks that require us to manually take credit card information from you
    • We value your privacy, and as a result, we've put a lot of effort into building a secure payment infrastructure to prevent credit card fraud and mishandling of your raw credit card information. This infrastructure relies on bank-level security, and industry-leading solutions to offer a realtime card masking and payment pass-through service. As a result, to keep your information safe, we try our best not do requests that require you to hand us your raw credit card information. Again, we technically can do these things, but require your explicit informed consent and signing of an indemnification waiver so that you understand the risks associated.

  • Tasks that require your social security number
    • We do not do any tasks that would require us to receive your social security number, there are no exceptions to this one.

  • Tasks that are commercial in nature
    • Wing is a personal assistant, we currently don't support tasks that are commercial in nature. e.g. advancing a business or commercial interest, we will do our best to forward these types of tasks to one of our partners, but we do not officially support tasks that are commercial in nature yet. Some examples of this might include: "build a leads spreadsheet", "contact 10 investors and pitch my product", "generate a list of prospective clients", "handle some business research", etc. Wing has the right to determine if a task is deemed to be commercial in nature, and deny it. 

  • Research tasks that require a skilled professional in a sensitive field
    • While Wing usually conducts research internally, due to the complex nature of tasks such that involves specialized knowledge, e.g. legal, tax, medical, realtor, investing, etc. and the associated potential implications of incorrect information, we will always forward these tasks to a skilled partner who specializes in these areas, unless you legally assert the implications of potentially incorrect information are none, and in order to fulfill these internally, require your explicit informed consent and signing of an indemnification waiver so you understand the risks associated.