Great question! Wing's Slackbot was built to give businesses & business owners a way to bring Wing into their favorite chat app! Here's little overview about how it works, and what to expect.

After installing Wing, it might need a few minutes

As the welcome message says, it takes a few minutes for Wing to set up its "virtual desk"! There are some APIs that Wing uses to interact with Slack that can sometimes take a few minutes to fully register with Slack's systems, this is why there may sometimes be a delay. Usually though, this is not necessary.

If you want Wing to see a message in a channel, just @Wing. Wing can't see messages it's not tagged in.

For privacy & security reasons, Wing cannot see messages that it's not explicitly tagged in, unless you're direct-messaging Wing. For that reason, if you want Wing to see a message, just @Wing! e.g. hey @Wing please do X, or can you take care of my 12pm @Wing. We are working on new and exciting ways to expand Wing's Slackbot capabilities, but, we value privacy & security above all else.

If you tag @Wing on something, Wing will only be able to see the message you sent, not what you tagged it on

In other words, if you tag Wing on say, a bot's/another user's message, unfortunately, Wing won't be able to see that message. It will only be able to see the message you wrote! Again, this is due to privacy.

Anytime Wing has an update for you, it'll direct message (DM) it to you

The Wing Assistant Slackbot does not post messages to public channels beyond the first message, or a message of acknowledgement if you've enabled this setting. Again, this is for privacy & security reasons, as we wouldn't want to disclose user-specific information to a channel. Any updates on any task you've given to Wing - please expect these in your DMs! 

You can direct message (DM) Wing normally

If you'd just like to have a simple 1-on-1 conversation with Wing via direct message (DM) - Wing behaves like any other user.

If you need additional functionality that the Wing Slackbot doesn't offer, please contact your account manager

We understand that the Wingbot has limitations compared to how you might like to operate your business, and we have a solution! If you need Wing to be more like a normal Slack user, your account manager can authorize assistants to set up like a real user. We do have some clauses associated with this authorization, such as to expect occasional lapses in SLA, frequency of checking Slack, etc.