First of all, we're incredibly sorry that the originally assigned assistant is not working out. We do our best to ensure that we're making a high quality match. We manage global talent pipelines, use sophisticated technology, and even keep track of personality attributes. Though, sometimes, we do get it wrong. I am truly sorry for the lost time. 

In any case, we encourage all clients to work out problems and find solutions with their existing assistants first, and we are fully available to help with this, either through our account management, supervisory, or expert programs - and we sincerely believe that this method will yield the best results long-term. 

However, if there are insurmountable obstacles, and you do not believe your assistant will be a good fit, your account manager will work with you to get a replacement ASAP, and handle the knowledge transfer & retraining of the replacement. 

Here are the steps on how to proceed if you are sure you would like to exchange/replace your assistant:

  1. Please report your decision either to Wing Support if you'd like it to happen immediately, or schedule some time with your account manager if you'd like to speak with your account manager who is familiar with the details of your account.
  2. Please give Wing Support or your account manager as detailed of a description of what is wrong as you can, and what you'd like to be different in the replacement, and whether you'd like to continue working with your assistant in the mean time.
  3. Please give us some time to locate a replacement. In most cases, we have a great replacement available & ready for assignment by the same day or by the next day, however, in some cases, we may have the most suitable replacement in our training or recruitment pipelines, which may take a few days to clear. 
  4. Please bear with us for approximately 1-3 days while we work to handle the knowledge transfer & retraining. Our internal training managers & supervisors will handle this for you. 
  5. After this, the new assistant should be ready to go!
  6. Our supervisors & quality assurance team will be aware to pay special attention to issues that may arise, and work to coach the new assistant.