1. The work result I received is not up to standard

    Please ensure that you communicate clearly what you expect from work results. In most cases, clarifying specifications resolves any quality issues with respect to expectations. Examples of your expectations will usually help! In addition, we encourage speaking to your account manager, so they can assist you with task delegation and, if necessary, get the respective supervisor involved for quality control.

    If you believe that your assistant is still not a good fit, we can handle replacing the assistant for you with someone who will be a better fit, and handle the knowledge transfer & retraining of the replacement.

  2. My assistant is not responding

    Most likely, your assistant is working on the task(s) that you assigned or is taking a short break to keep productivity high throughout the day. They should be leveraging the online/offline/away indicator for this purpose. However, should your assistant consistently not respond in a 3-minute timeframe, there may be a technical issue or other serious issue. In this case, please reach out to your account manager to determine the best way forward. If you'd like someone on our quality team to look into this immediately, please use the "Assistant Feedback" button just above the chat - our QA & supervisory team will be notified immediately.

  3. I want to exchange/replace my assistant

    We encourage all clients to work out problems and find solutions with their existing assistants first, and we are fully available to help with this, either through our account management, supervisory, or expert programs - and we sincerely believe that this method will yield the best results long-term. However, if there are insurmountable obstacles, and you do not believe your assistant will be a good fit, your account manager will work with you to get you a replacement ASAP, and handle the knowledge transfer & retraining of the replacement. 

  4. I don’t have enough work for my assistant

    Depending on your specific case, we might be able to downgrade you to a lower-tier plan, a custom-made plan, or pause your subscription for a few days or weeks while keeping your assistant aligned to your account. Since such requests depend on many factors, your account manager will be able to provide you with good a solution to this, please reach out through the Quick Help button.

  5. My assistant does not complete enough tasks

    Typically, either your assistant is not prioritizing certain steps in the respective processes correctly, or there is too much work for the allotted time. When speaking directly with your assistant to find a more productive approach to work on your tasks does not lead to a solution, your account manager can work with your assistant’s supervisor to either improve your output or explore with you whether adding more hours to your account makes sense.

  6. I have doubts whether my assistant is utilizing their time effectively

    Your assistant will provide you with a daily report outlining the tasks that were completed on a given day. If you prefer more granularity you are welcome to ask your assistant to track the time for each task (or the respective steps); however, keep in mind that this activity itself will take time and productivity away from the tasks at hand. If you would like to bring this issue up with your account manager, they will investigate our activity logs & work product and help you understand what the root cause is, and how to potentially move forward. Though, please note, assuming you have one of our dedicated assistance plans, your assistant will only be working for your account - it is not possible for our assistants to work on multiple accounts when they are dedicated to your account.  

If you have another issue that is not covered here, please contact Wing Support, or schedule some time with your account manager to discuss further.