Wing's process is relatively simple! We can get you started on the same day, or in a few weeks. Whatever you'd like!

1. Speak with our team, either via chat, or by scheduling a call

This is a short chat/call, usually less than a few minutes. We want to make sure we're a good fit for your business, and that we can find an awesome assistant to help. 

2. Fill out our intake

We have a short intake form requesting basic information: which plan, start date, timings, particulars about your business.

3. Onboarding & optional training

You'll get your credentials to login, the first time you login, you'll fill out some information about your work schedule & habits, and schedule a training call. This is optional, though, highly recommended. On the training call, we'll do our best to "take" a process off your plate, and get the assistant up and running with that process. Our account managers will do the work of turning that process into training material for the assistant. 

That's it! You're using Wing! There are an additional two steps - they're more for us, though. 

4. Get going! "Beta" period with your assistant

We do our best to handhold up till step 3, and make sure you've got a great assistant from day 1. Our matching process means we'll do our best to find the assistant that fits your business & temperament best. However, we understand that things might not always work out, and that's why we call the first few days a "beta" period, if you're at all unhappy with your assistant, let us know. We'll get you another assistant, and handle their retraining. Our assistant quality team is watching closely to make sure things are going smoothly during this period. 

5. We'll keep it up!

In terms of the set up process, that's it! Though, behind the scenes, Wing is using our quality & management systems & processes to ensure we're constantly meeting, or beating your expectations. We're monitoring our quality tracking systems that flag apparent unhappiness, and our account managers will do their best to stay in touch, and check in periodically.