Don't worry, we're experts at this sort of thing. 

Our Account Managers are well trained at helping you get better at delegating, as well as creating structures that enable Wing to help, set up a time with one of them to help you figure out how to best make use of your assistants, and take unnecessary work off your plate. Schedule a time to speak with them from the Wing web app, or by emailing them. 

We have a load of great articles & videos on this topic too! Check out the Wing Blog for more. 

If you're trying to figure out how to become more process-oriented, we have an Experts program that enables you to speak with process experts, formerly at top consulting companies (business & tech), who will help you create processes that help your business scale, and in addition, help you use Wing to scale those processes. Schedule a time to speak with one of our Experts by getting in contact with your account manager.