This is where things start to get a little complicated, but bear with us.

When you ask Wing to carry out a research task that can be taken on internally by our human operators, and from its description, it is expected to take longer than 30 mins, we will quote you the approximate cost of labor over 30 mins before we begin executing the task. We are a little flexible, and won't stop working if something takes 35 or 40 minutes, nor will we charge you anything if we have not explicitly told you, upfront.

Examples of some of these longer research-based tasks that would take longer than 30 mins might be:

  • Find the best items to furnish my empty 3000sqft home. Budget $5000.
  • Plan an itinerary for a 30-day trip to Europe starting in London.
  • Plan my wedding

Wing charges per hour, fractionally in 15 minute increments, for human labor and begins the "clock" once 30 minutes has elapsed. We will inform you and allow you to accept a quote we generate before we begin working on your task. For unskilled labor research, you can expect around an hourly rate of $10/hr.