When making a request on Wing, if it's really urgent, and you can't afford to wait 5-25 minutes for us to give you a response, ETA or otherwise, simply include #ASAP at the end of your request, and your request will be moved to the top of our task queue to work on. Please note, depending on your account - you may be charged extra when you use #ASAP. 

#ASAP Pricing

Wing Free
$5 per use
Wing Standard
1 included free per month, $3 per use thereafter
Wing Family
3 included free per month, $3 per use thereafter
Wing Executive
Unlimited included free
Wing for Teams
3 included free per month per user - can only be used for simple tasks*
$3 per use thereafter
Complex tasks, $20 per use

Other considerations

  • If the AI part of our system is able to confidently handle your task without any human assistance, no #ASAP will be used or charged - you will be notified by end of day if we are able to credit you back
  • * Simple tasks are those that don't require a significant amount of human labor, such as building spreadsheets, research, etc. Complex tasks are human labor intensive